New Classes

New Winter Classes

Beginning January 23rd

Boxing/Martial Arts

101 Self Defense

21st Street | Saturdays | 3:00PM

Learn techniques to help you be aware, be mindful and be ready.


Yoga 101

56th Street | Fridays | 5:45PM

For beginners and back-to-beginners, focuses on sun salutations, standing postures, and breath and alignment tips.


Cycle 101

23rd Street | Wednesdays | 6:00PM
Whitehall | Tuesdays | 1:15PM

Learn the fundamentals of indoor cycling including technique and proper form.



13th Street | Thursdays | 6:15PM

A unique non-barre, no-impact, total body workout with bands, light weights and body bars to improve posture, flexibility and strength.

CBP: Cardio, Balance, Pilates

56th Street | Wednesdays | 5:45PM

Fuses basic athletic cardio movement with Pilates to build lean muscle and improve balance and strength.



23rd Street | Tuesdays | 6:30PM
Cooper | Saturdays | 11:30AM (FEB)

Dance gets a boost of jump with an infusion of plyometrics to this fun and intense workout.



56th Street | Mondays | 7:15PM

Move, groove and use your body weight to define and build muscle.